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Our Year Book Of Array Alumni
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Jamie Drake: New York State Of Mind
A Quintessential Manhattan Designer’s Past, Present, And Future
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The Design Influencers
Six Movers And Shakers Who Shape The Industry
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Furniture markets have expanded from regional exhibitions to global centers of trade.

Style Radar

We asked some of the design world’s star creatives: “What is it that you can absolutely not design without?”


The most current products in 200 Lex showrooms.


In honor of the New York Design Center’s 90 anniversary, showrooms highlight different styles of furniture from the past 90 years.


Revolution, Evolution. The impact of groundbreaking designs is still felt today.


A look at the iconic designers and styles in print from the past decade, with a cookbook thrown in for good measure.


New York is lucky to keep its age-old gems while still welcoming a bloom of buzzy hotspots. Here are four classics to savor and four cool, new scenes to celebrate.