Fall/Winter 2018

NOV | DEC | JAN | FEB 2018-19
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Refashioning Detroit Style
The Motor City’s Face of Design, Corey Damen Jenkins.
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A Place for Everything
MA Allen, Formal yet Friendly Entertaining Style.
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Partners in Classical Style
Brockschmidt & Coleman, Partners in Classical Style.
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Style Radar

Award-winning designer Sheila Bridges shops for fabulous finds at 200 Lex.


Bone up on your cooking and design skills à la Southern Style with an offering of books from the southern states.


Inspired by the narratives, food and the outdoor life from around the US, these must-haves are both beautiful and practical additions to your daily life.

Fresh Picks

The most current products in 200 Lex showrooms.

Culture Calendar

From disruptive art to a dog-centric pop-up, to forward-thinking film and food and beyond, the calendar is packed with a plethora of events and experiences for all personalities.


From minimalist chic in the Lower East Side to rugged charm in Williamsburg, Middle Eastern home cooking to fine dining in the clouds, this season’s hottest new hotels and restaurants cater to all appetites.


A picture-perfect showroom exhibition.


Pattern + Color + Love = Art