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Cafe China

13 E. 37th St.

Amid the bustling office landscape of Midtown East, Cafe China is a stylish dining oasis that dazzles with all the glamour of 1930s Shanghai. This delightful gem is replete with paneled screens, portraits of Chinese starlets, and advertisements from years past, as well as Eastern furnishings. The striking yet welcoming setting creates an electric, escapist mood for patrons to indulge in exceptional Sichuan cuisine. Here you’ll find an abundance of spicy and surprising fare, with graceful flavor profiles and a long, wide-ranging menu that has something for every palate. And that’s good, because big, family-style meals work best here: share the exquisite dan dan noodles with explosive bits of fried pork, the true-to-its-name Mouth Watering Chicken with a satisfying shock of peanuts…

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