Ngala Trading Co. and Ethical Sourcing

Ngala Trading Co., the rapidly growing home-furnishings supplier with a new showroom at the New York Design Center, was founded in 2016 with a clear mission: to promote and market indigenous African design to a North American audience. Co-founders Lawson Ricketts and Nick Geimer believe in broadening American perceptions about African design, making these products readily accessible, and keeping sustainability at the forefront of their practice.

Here in the US, prevalent conceptions of “African design” are often limited and outdated, but Ngala Trading Co.’s thoughtfully curated selections reflect the scope and complexity of modern South African design trends. “When Americans think of African design, they think of beaded items and wooden masks,” says Ricketts, who discovered an American appetite for wider-ranging African design at a home décor shop he and Geimer operated in Johannesburg before relocating to New York.

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