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Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

1 E. 32nd St.

This Midtown eatery is renowned for its superior-quality meats and lively atmosphere. Unlike in many spots where you grill the meat yourself, the impeccably friendly staff at Baekjong handles everything for you. Baekjong further distinguishes itself from the Manhattan K-BBQ pack by enlisting smoke vacuums at each table to keep you from smelling like charcoal, as well as a delightful halo of egg batter and creamy corn cheese circling the grill, which slowly cooks over the meal’s duration. A few standouts include the thinly sliced brisket, beef tongue, pork belly, and pork skins. Combo packages of beef and/or pork make large orders a breeze, and you can opt for singular meals such as bibimbap or kimchi stew. Lines are notoriously long, so make reservations or be prepared for a long (but worthwhile) wait.

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