From a bird’s-eye view to under the sea designs that are (and on) off the wall.

Whale of a Tail

Interior design styles — Spanish artist Maximo Riera has created a striking set of animal-inspired chairs. Each richly upholstered black leather piece is made from compressed foam sections of high-dense polyurethane and contains an internal metallic frame, which holds the structure and weight of the composition. Each piece is manufactured to order, hand-built and hand-painted by a team of over 30 professionals. The Animal Chair Collection is a limited edition project and only 20 pieces of each chair will be produced. In addition to the Whale and Octopus chairs (shown), other animals available in the collection include Beetle, Rhino, Walrus, Toad, Elephant, and Hippopotamus. Prices range from approximately $53,000–120,000.

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