New York is lucky to keep its age-old gems while still welcoming a bloom of buzzy hotspots. Here are four classics to savor and four cool, new scenes to celebrate.

Momosan Ramen & Sake
342 Lexington Avenue
(646) 201-5529

Murray Hill, meet Momosan. The ramen plus sake joint is Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s first of the kind, and an opportunity for exploration of both innovation and authenticity. The menu opens with a personal note from the chef, who explains how Japanese aim to eat their noodles quickly before they become “nobiru,” or mush. In collaboration with Sun Noodle, Morimoto has developed a special noodle designed to hold its texture
even in the richest of broths. And though Morimoto recommends his patrons consume their ramen quickly, when it’s at its best, his new noodles accommodate a little extra time for savoring your meal. With dishes like the Tokyo chicken noodles (try it topped with raw crushed garlic and toasted nori) or the tantan spicy coconut curry, savoring is what you’ll want to do. Though ramen might be Mimosa’s main gig, consider dabbling in the whole of the menu—highlights include the Peking duck roll, tetsunabe pork gyoza, and the chashu bap. Complement your meal with a glass, or carafe, of premium sake. Momosan specializes in serving unique sake in a range of different temperatures. The Konteki, or “tears of dawn,” with flavors of stone fruit and honey cashew, is a top choice.d.

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