VOUTSA Pattern + Color + Love = Art

An interdisciplinary design studio launched in 2014, Voutsa has worked on residential and hospitality projects worldwide. The studio has expanded its original range of wallpapers with seasonal pattern collections to also include textiles, wearable products and functional objects. Having recently moved into NYDC, Voutsa founder George Venson explains, “our main focus here at 200 Lex is to present and showcase all upcoming, current and past collections of printed wallpaper and fabrics. I have always been in love with this building! NYDC was my first choice, and luckily, there was room for us on the 4th floor.” As Voutsa’s wallpaper and fabric business grew, it was very apparent that the studio needed a proper showroom where customers would be able to see and feel the products, and request samples. “We want the customer to experience our world and our vision, from Monday to Friday, 9 to 5,” says Venson.

At the base of Voutsa’s design philosophy, says Venson is “Love for pattern. Love for color. Love for the arts. The juice of this business is, the artwork we make for wallpaper and fabric, which gets its inspiration from all walks of life. These product lines are the most important, most considered, and used most widely.”…

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