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Looking back at Italian Futurism, celebrating 1930s fashions, peering behind Japanese screens, and remembering the beginnings of AIDS activism.

Folksy Fashion

Conceived as an encounter between the worlds of vernacular art and haute couture, fashion meets folk art in American Folk Art Museum’s exhibition, Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art. The exhibit features a selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, quilts, and furniture—approximately 30 artworks, drawn from every time period and in every medium considered by the museum. A group of 13 designers chose the works based not only on their potential fashionability and capacity to inspire new styles of clothing but also for their intimate background stories. While the show is partially informed by the strong legacy of art-inspired fashion, the main idea is to provoke a creative dialogue between disparate forms of visual expression. January 21—April 23. American Folk Art Museum, 2 Lincoln Square, Columbus Avenue at 66th Street,

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