Antiques and Vintage Rush into the Future

The Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect.

The 10th floor of 200 Lex is creating a new way to shop using an innovative digital technology, and has been renamed “The Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect.”

This 33,000-square-foot-space on 200 Lex’s 10th floor houses antiques and vintage pieces from over 55 dealers. With Incollect, the online marketplace for furniture and design, designers can shop using their iPhones to scan the QR codes on every item, with merchandise appearing on both the Incollect mobile app and,
making shopping a 24/7 experience.

“The New York Design Center is thrilled to work with Incollect as the exclusive digital partner for The Gallery at 200 Lex,” says Jim Druckman, President and CEO. “We both understand the value and importance of the dealer, which allows us to maintain the high standard of merchandise available to designers, collectors and consumers. By using systems and programs developed by Incollect, we will enhance the shopping experience at what is the first and foremost gallery of its kind in America.”

Gallery at 200 Lex powered by Incollect will host exhibitions and events, as well as launch celebrations for designers, media and industry influencers.

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