Style Radar

McMillen Inc.’s Ann Pyne and Elizabeth Pyne Singer tell us what’s trending for them, and which are their favorites.

“We don’t seek out trendy things,” says Elizabeth Pyne Singer,

“the trends just sort of get assimilated subconsciously into our decorating.” Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, wasn’t on the Pynes’ radar, but Elizabeth recalled that she and Ann had just installed a bedroom decorated in variations of corals and pinks. “In 2019, we are using a lot of cobalt blue…if that’s Pantone’s color for 2020, we’ll be very proud of ourselves!” Although the Pynes favor a black-and-white palette for kitchens and baths, they’ve started using Pratt & Larson’s handmade ceramic tile “because of their incredible range of colors, textures and glazes,” says Elizabeth.

When it comes to favorite furniture styles, Ann and Elizabeth would both be happy if English and French 18th- and 19th-century furniture made a comeback. The Pyne’s support the idea of sustainability and environmentally conscious design by purchasing antiques whenever possible. They use local workrooms to make their custom furniture and prefer naturals materials whenever possible—linens, cottons, wools and silks—as opposed to synthetics.

Ann and Elizabeth are known for their classic style, but they’re always on the lookout for items that would work with a range of styles their clients may be looking for. What is their message to clients who often like a little too much eclecticism and clutter? Curate! And here is a curated collection of things they like right now.

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