From inventive Indian to artisan vegetarian, water tower bars to red-walled, retro hotel rooms, New York’s hospitality scene is more colorful than ever.

72 University Place
(212) 498-9393

Thanks to Chefs John Fraser and Nicolas Farias, vegetarians seeking a five-star meal finally get more than a side of produce. Though vegetables do, of course, abound on this menu, the chefs at Nix turn them into dishes you wouldn’t think could be so delicious. Take the “ribbons of jicama” plate, where a dose of fresno chili and blood orange transform the starchy Mexican root into a remarkably flavorful meal. The wok-roasted cucumbers with jerk spices, goat cheese, and kumquats are another creative feat of taste. On the heavier side, the Yukon potato fry bread (generously topped with cheese, sour cream, and veggies) is a must-try, as is the Shiitake “cacio e pepe” with heirloom polenta and salsify, an edible root that many believe tastes like an oyster once it’s cooked. Though you’ll likely want to try every main dish on the menu, don’t overlook the signature Tandoor bread as a side or starter dish, with dips like the smooth house hummus and zaatar or the rich but refreshing avocado, mint, and curry blend.

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