After nearly 42 years in New York’s D&D Building, Lorin Marsh began a new chapter by moving downtown to The New York Design Center in January 2018.

Lorin Marsh first opened in 1975 when Schacht’s mother, Lorraine Schacht, recognized a need in the design world for a high-end accessories showroom. Realizing that designers were limited to buying accessories in bulk either directly from manufacturers, or individually from department stores, Lorraine seized the opportunity by creating Lorin Marsh with partners Sharon Mandell and Gertrude Margolies.

The three women styled the new showroom on the boutique model in which every element is carefully chosen and specialized in carrying decorative objects, vases, ashtrays, and boxes. By the mid-1980s, Lorin Marsh began to offer imported goods, including museum-quality antique furniture, from China, India, and Thailand. As some of the first in the industry to focus on carrying imports, Lorin Marsh’s founders were the first women designers to be invited by the Chinese government to purchase antiquities.

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